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The Boston Circus Guild unleashes the evil within and prepares to take over the world with the most dastardly of all the dark arts: circus! VAUDEVILLAINY brings together a cavalcade of mad scientists, evil geniuses, henchmen, bad guys, wrongdoers and mischief-makers flaunting their evil prowess as the elite of Boston’s professional circus performers. Featuring famous villains from history and popular culture, and introducing new villains whose nefarious talent will astound you as they soar above the earth, juggle doomsday devices, and balance the fate of the earth on the palm of their hand. Or nose, for that matter.

This cabaret of villainous proportions will be hosted by the ever-scheming Johnny Blazes and the irretrievably evil Madge of Honor, and will feature juggling, aerials, acrobatics and burlesque. Enjoy live music by our heinously delightful circus band. Beware that they may make you dance until you drop from exhaustion, leaving you even more susceptible to the inevitable triumph of evil over good!

2011 dates: 11/18